Corporate Osteopathy

5 good reasons to have an affiliation with to help combat Musculoskeletal Disease (MSD) in  your work place:

  • MSD is the most common work-related illness
  • Over 1 million employees suffered from MSDs caused by work last year
  • 11.6 million lost work days (one third of all work days lost)
  • Approx. £600 million cost to employers each year
  • One in fifty workers are suffering from  R.S.I.

Timely and appropriate osteopathic care offers a valuable solution to the costs and misery arising from musculoskeletal conditions such as R.S.I.

Work, whether at a computer terminal or in heavy industry, can give rise to pain and injury. We  treat many conditions related to the work place and can offer remedial advice and preventative exercises.

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