Mind and Body Partners in Wellness

We offer a refreshingly different approach to health and wellness. We believe that to perform properly all elements of the mind and body must be working in harmony. For the body to operate well the mind must be at ease and, for the mind to be at ease the body must be well balanced. Together we provide a comprehensive approach to Wellness. You can see us individually or together. From the very start of Mind and Body it was always my goal to identify best in class partners to work with, who shared the vision of a holistic, patient centric approach to health and wellness. I work closely with these organisations to deliver first class patient care.

Heart Health

Balance is an important element in Osteopathy. Adam Shaw combines Energetics and Heart Health as a complementary therapy to patients and advises businesses on how to improve the health of their staff.


The use of herbs as medicine is a well established route to health. Windmill Herbal provides a thoughtful natural and proven approach to pain relief and well being.


Nutrition is fundamental  to health, and many conditions can be managed though good nutrition. Pamela Miles works closely with people to ensure that their nutrition supports their lifestyle.


Physical and mental health are heavily interdependent. Often stress will show itself as physical pain. There is a particularly strong link between depression and chronic pain. Mind and body has an in house psychologist to whom I can refer people with depression, OCD and other related problems.

Personal Trainer

Whilst I can help your body to restore its natural balance and function, exercise is essential to keep the body from reverting to its previous imbalance. I work closely with Stuart  at The Fit Lab in St Albans. Stuart is a leading personal trainer with vast experience and dedication. He offers a very personal and focused approach to exercise and well being, from a very well appointed gymnasium.

Massage Therapist

Some people, particularly athletes wanting to improve their performance, or people with chronic conditions  require ongoing support from a massage therapist. Berry O,Leary-Profit is a highly respected and extremely competent Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist who is based part time at The Fit Lab, but also visits clients at their homes. Berry has a huge reputation in UK athletics and works with many well known top level athletes.

Pilates Instructor

I am happy to recommend Clare of “In the Log Cabin“. In the Log Cabin provides Pilates classes for small groups and individuals.  By focusing on correct technique of the exercises, posture and core strength can be improved.


The feet are often crucial to unlocking posturally related problems. Whilst I can treat many foot based problems, I work closely with Simon Costain at the Gait and Posture Centre in London’s Harley Street. If you have a particularly difficult podiatric problem I will refer you to Simon