David , the practice owner at Mind and Body Osteopathy treats musculoskeletal pain and provides and gait analysis services to clients throughout the St Albans area and draws patients from all over the UK who wish to improve their posture and sporting performance. The clinic, is located on the Harpenden side of St. Albans.

David provides individuals with a professional Osteopathy service and has a fully functional treatment centre, with gait analysis facilities and slow motion video replay. Expert in the analysis of gait induced problems, David uses osteopathic techniques and custom modified orthotics where necessary to remove pain and improve sporting performance.

Improving postural alignment can significantly improve health and the performance of sports people who wish to pro actively address their biomechanics. He works with young peoples’ sports teams and international and professional athletes to help prevent injury and improve their performance.

Whilst working mostly from his Clinic in St Albans, David works one day a week in the world renowned Gait and Posture Centre in London’s Harley Street. Here, he works closely with Simon Costain, a leading podiatrist, and together they lecture on a whole body approach to postural improvement and biomechanics.

David enjoys treating problems caused by poor shoulder mechanics and has been successful in improving many intractable cases. More information on shoulder pain is available here.