What to expect

First contact.

I offer an initial free, no obligation 15 minute telephone consultation in order to briefly discuss your difficulties. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and a phone consultation gives us both the opportunity to consider whether we wish to work together.


This is a face to face appointment lasting about an hour for me to gain a detailed understanding of your difficulties. It does involve answering many questions about your current difficulties as well as the history of the problem as well as discussing your goals and expectations of therapy.  I can then discuss treatment options with you.

As I have worked in the NHS, I am aware of the therapy that might be available locally and can also advise on NHS options. If you wish to continue therapy privately I will discuss the possible length of treatment but would suggest an initial block of 6 sessions before a review. You are free to terminate your sessions at any time.

Treatment sessions

All sessions generally last one hour.

If you arrive late, we will still end at the usual time.

Sessions usually weekly at first but become less frequent as you progress, Short term work ( 6 – 12 sessions over several months) is most common but can extend up to 20 sessions.

A review session will take place at the end of the initial agreed block of sessions so we can jointly consider progress and discuss further treatment as necessary.

At each session, it is helpful for you to complete an outcome questionnaire so that we can track your progress.