Back Pain

Osteopaths are perhaps best known for relieving back pain and, this is indeed one of the main problems people present with when visiting me. Our modern lifestyle serves us and in particular our backs very badly in setting us up for back pain, particularly in the lower back. Osteopathy is recognized by NICE as a preferred treatment approach to acute and chronic low back pain.

The cause of pain in the back are legion, from damaged disks, and displaced ribs, irritated joints or muscular strain. The actual mechanism of the pain is actually less important than understanding why the problem has occurred and why the problem is not resolving on its own.

When you visit me for back pain, many of the clues as to why the pain is not resolving will be apparent during the taking of your history. I will then check your posture and muscle tone visually and by palpation. This gives me clues as to why the problem is not going away and may present a good idea as to the areas needing to be treated. Often the area presenting with pain will not be the main area requiring treatment, but the result of one area not being able to cope with a failure in your body somewhere else.

Once I have established the probable cause I will treat with a mixture of techniques and probably give you some exercises to perform on a regular basis.

Acute back pain may well resolve in just one treatment or, more complicated problems that have been with you for a while may require several visits.

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