Nerve Entrapments

Nerve entrapments can be the source of intense pain and can occur almost anywhere in the body. The symptoms can vary from minor pins and needles to intense stabbing pain. Entrapments may occur in nerve roots or peripheral nerves and these will commonly show themselves by symptoms in a specific area and with pain of a unique character. Sciaticas are the result of nerve impingements and often are the result of back problems or gluteal dysfunction. Similarly, compression of nerves in the shoulder, elbow or wrist will often show themselves as tingling in the fingers, hand or areas of the arm or forearm depending on the nerve being compressed. Often the subluxation of a rib will create referral patterns in the shoulder or arm and may be confused with a peripheral nerve entrapment.

Neck problems may also show themselves as classical nerve entrapments with very clear dermatomal pain or numbness.

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