Postural Problems

Postural problems are becoming increasingly common. Modern lifestyles, in particular computer usage is having a significant impact on the ability of our spine to compensate for strains imposed by the rest of our lives. Moreover, our shoulders’ slow drift forwards as we work on the computer imposes strains on our arms and wrists.

It is only since the advent of the personal computer that the many people have spent a significant part of their day sitting in the same position, with only minimal movement of the spine for hours on end. For centuries we have spent our days bending, walking, picking things up and reaching for things. Every one of these actions exercises the intrinsic muscles of the spine and exercised muscles are fit, compliant muscles. Our modern working lifestyles involving minimal movement of the spine, in particular the thoracic spine reduces the compliance of the spinal muscles and slowly the mid spine takes on a rigidity that causes the upper and lower spine to work harder to compensate. Eventually hyper mobile segments develop and these hard working areas eventually complain  and either lock up completely or cause the back muscles to go into spasm to protect the area.

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