Sciatica is just another way of saying irritation of the Sciatic nerve. This is a nerve as thick as your thumb that passes from the bottom of your spine through a notch in your pelvis and runs down the back of your leg and splits into other nerves that end up in your feet. The Sciatic nerve can be irritated at many points along its length and may even be irritated in its nerve roots that start in the lower lumbar and upper sacral region.

The symptoms of Sciatica vary from a minor tingling in the back of the thigh through to intense burning or stabbing pain anywhere in the back of the thigh, the lower leg or ankle. Isolating the cause of the sciatica is key to treatment of the condition.

Common causes of sciatica are:

1)      Disk prolapse or Herniation Piriformis syndrome

2)      Irritation of the nerve root

3)      Tethering of a nerve root or peripheral nerve

Osteopathic treatment can often be effective in easing the pain and resolving the underlying issues.

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